Dr Michael Radcliffe

Consultant Allergist

Secretary: 078 4252 0577 

Email: tracy.cousins1@bmichoice.co.uk

Address for Correspondence: 

1 Leigh Road, Highfield

Southampton, SO17 1EF

Schedule of Fees



I will fulfil instructions to the best of my ability as an independent witness and I will apply my experience and skill in the best interests of the legal process.


Preparation of a medical report (including reading relevant case documentation, incterviewing the client remotely by telephone and undertaking a related literature search if indicated) will typically be charged between £1,750 and £2,750 depending on the complexity of the case.  


My daily rate for attending court to give expert evidence is £1,800 per day or part thereof which includes time for travelling and waiting.  I expect payment even if I do not give oral evidence.


My fees in respect of a meeting or conference will be £200 per hour including time involved in travelling and waiting.  Incurred travelling expenses will be charged for examining a client other than in Winchester, attending court or any meeting or conference.  Copies of receipts will be provided should they be requested.


There will be a cancellation fee of £1,500 per day if any need to attend court is cancelled and I am given less than two working days' notice, and £1,000 per day if less than one weeks’ notice is given.  This is in addition to my charges for time previously incurred.


The solicitor's firm instructing me shall be liable for my fee, whether or not recovery from the client or defendant is achieved.  Payment is expected within 30 days from the date of the invoice.



April 2021

Address for Correspondence: 

Dr M J Radcliffe, Sarum Road Hospital, Winchester, SO22 5HA

Secretary: 078 4252 0577 

Email: tracy.cousins1@bmichoice.co.uk